exDialer updated to v110

*Fix bugs: incorrect call log display, problem of customized ringtone, etc.
*App icon: updated to MiUI v4 icon
*Add option: "All calls to voicemail"

exDialer updated to v107

Found a bug which was introduced from v106. It will cause incorrect display of some call logs. Here is a fix(v108, which will not be uploaded to Google Play). It rarely occurs. So you don't need to update to this fix, unless you are troubled by this bug.

*Fix crash on 3.x Honeycomb devices. Say sorry to all.

*Improve phone number format
*Option to toggle whether to format phone number
*Smarter on matching for national/international numbers
*Fix something to be compatible with Nexus7
*Option to enable hardware acceleration
*Relate text size of dialed digits with text size setting
*Fix bug of search box focus, when using hardware keyboard
*Remove useless Korean T9 letters

About the new page swiping feature

v105 introduced a new feature to swiping within Groups, Contacts and Favorites pages. Some people must like it. While if you prefer old behaviour, you can simple check the option Preferences->Behaviour->Contacts->Swipe Item. Note that this is a new option compare to "Swipe Item" for Dialer.

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Big Update v105

  • Speed dial extended to 99 (with 9x9=81 entries)
  • exContacts now can be swiped left/right like pages
  • Option "Short Number as Speed Dial" - When calling short number, treat it as speed dial
  • Option "Strict Mode" - disable it to use old T9 algorithm
  • Option "Haptic Feedback Strength"
  • Option Smaller font size,Smaller dialpad size
  • Option "Open Stock Dialer" - enable it to open stock dialer to clear missed call notifications
  • Option "Use Theme Font"
  • Many more...