v101 2012/6/30

  • Fix incorrect person when view contact
  • Fix small bug of dialpad

v100 2012/6/29

  • Update many languages, big thanks to friends on Crowdin
  • Fix: T9 letters not shown on some devices
  • Fix: Incorrect response of ‘*’ key with Russian locale
  • Fix again: Call log types for Samsung devices
  • Fix: Buggy option “Group visibility”

v99 2012/6/24

  • Update many languages, big thanks to friends on Crowdin http://crowdin.net/project/dialer
  • Restore option “ABC at Right” and adjust dialpad text size
  • Fix call log types for Samsung devices
  • Fix some UI and logic bugs
  • Improve accessibility for TalkBack service

v97 2012/6/15

  • Adjust dialpad and dialpad text size (better for large screen)
  • Ukrainian language, Thank Ігор Омельчук
  • Fix some bugs

v95 2012/6/8

  • An “Add” button at bottom of contacts list, which is only available while default theme applied. Please wait for updates of other themes.
  • Accept non-digit chars to perform T9 search with hardware keyboard
  • “Keep in Memory” is default on. For users who complain about startup speed.
  • Correct date display
  • Some UI languages updated

v93 2012/6/2

  • Optimizations
  • Backup/restore preference settings
  • Detach “search box” and “new contact” from list to obtain more space for content
  • Relate font sizes with system setting
  • Many small changes: color for rejected calls, date format of birthday, menu/dialog appearance on ICS…


  • Fix some crash problem
  • More compatible with SGS2
  • Recognize contact number with pause section
  • Some UI language updated

v90 2012/5/11

  • Plugin support (Donation Pack required), with two useful plugins available in market
  • Resolved problem “Empty call logs” on SGS2 official ICS rom (Actually, it’s a stupid bug of Samsung)
  • Improve T9 algorithm
  • Menu to create appointment, and option to set template
  • Option to remember tab
  • Option to close dialpad on back pressed
  • Option “View Calls” fixed.Then you can uncheck it,to return to home when outgoing call ended
  • Preferences rearranged
  • Launcher title renamed to “Dialer” “Contacts”

v86 2012/5/5

  • Skip SMS logs for SGS2 with ICS ROM installed
  • Attach volume of dial key with volume of system ringing
  • Optimize smoothness of list views for ICS
  • Fast scroll letters better support landscape mode


  • Improve smoothness of list scrolling
  • Fix bug when swiping contact
  • Better support xhdpi devices
  • Estonian language added, thank iff2
  • Fix many issues with android 4.x
  • Enable multi-languages T9 search

v84 2012/4/20

  • Improve accuracy of T9 algorithm
  • Better support low DPI devices
  • Option to enable/disable romanized Hangul search
  • More compatible with map apps to search postal address
  • Memory usage optimized

v80 2012/4/14

  • v80
  • Add search button for exContact
  • Landscape and Full screen mode (Donation pack required)
  • Option to select dialpad size
  • Fixed some FC problems

v68 v69 v71 2012/3/30

  • T9 speed optimized
  • Option to select dialpad text size
  • Preferences rearranged
  • Memory leak fixed
  • Disable USSD routing by default. If you want to enable it, turn on at Preferences->Dialer->Auto run USSD
  • Increase dial pad font size
  • Better experience for devices with a call button
  • Fix intent handler for some samsung device
  • Handle USSD code by routing to stock dialer
  • Some UI languages updated

v67 v68 2012/3/23

  • Better experience for devices with a call button
  • Fix intent handler for some samsung device
  • Handle USSD code by routing to stock dialer
  • Some UI languages updated

v66 2012/3/21

  • No longer support NotiGO, use xMissedCall Patch instead
  • Option to ignore “Display options” on search result
  • Able to make emergency call when converted to system app
  • More reasonable T9 result order when “Merge item” unchecked
  • T9 search improved
  • Memory usage optimized
  • Small problem of contact display name fixed
  • FC problem in speed dial activity fixed

v63 v65 2012/3/18

  • Optimizations
  • Bug of UI language fixed
  • Additional search field “Note”
  • Group rearrange
  • Belarusian UI language, thank Ivan Katlianik
  • Bulgarian T9 support

v62 2012/3/2

  • Tabs in contacts activity will be remembered
  • Strequent contacts list accessed by star(*) key
  • T9 result will include contacts without phone number according to “Display option” setting
  • Korean translation, thank dusttea
  • Serbian translation thank Marko Kostic

v61 2012/2/24

  • v61
  • incorrect organization display fixed
  • Speed dial for key ‘1’ allowed to be assigned
  • Problem of content delay resolved
  • Dutch language added, thank Planet X
  • Bug in “View calls” option fixed

v60 ????

  • fixed problem “clicking on the notification bar’s message does not open the dialer”
  • fixed FC when made as system app
  • Croatian translation, thank Mihovil Stanic
  • Slovak translations, thank pRo_lama

v57 2011/12/27

  • Fixed problem: SMS not handled by whatsapp
  • Clear dialed digits after call ended
  • Fixed incorrect text color in non-touch mode
  • Improve compatibility with trackball or d-pad
  • Arabic added, thank machhho
  • Contacts sort order adjusted
  • New theme named Steel available in market (paid)

v53 2011/12/23

  • Some languages updated
  • Norwegian translations, thank MariusOX
  • Small bugs fixed
  • Another Choice of ICS Theme released, available in market.

v52 2011/12/22

  • UI language switch added
  • Additional search fields supported, nickname, postal address and organization
  • Text size adjustment supported, normal, large and extra large
  • Option to turn on or off call logs view when call ended
  • Contact sharing separated to plain text and vCard
  • Context menu adjusted

v51 2011/12/20

  • contact’s vcard share supported
  • option “popup dialpad” added
  • Indonesian language added, thank distan7
  • some UI languages updated
  • ICS theme updated

v50 2011/12/17

  • Theme package supported. Dark and ICS themes are available in market.
  • Group visibility supported.
  • Various small bugs fixed.
  • Vietnamese language adde, thank alienyd.

v44 2011/12/13

  • Small bugs fixed

v43 2011/12/13

  • Speed dial
  • bug in display option fixed

v42 2011/12/12 (May be unstable… almost all underlying logic refactored.)

  • Big optimization
  • Group SMS supported
  • Hungarian language added, thank bazsi1975hu
  • Ukrainian T9 supported
  • Contact/IM presence status added
  • More detail when “merge t9/calls” unselected
  • “Keep in memory” option added. More efficient for persistent.
  • Better support of thirdparty apps like Facebook

v41 2011/11/30

  • Romanian language added, thank Tudor
  • some languages updated

v39 2011/11/29, one permission is missing in v38

  • Update some languages
  • Fix display options

v37 2011/11/29

  • T9 search bug fixed
  • Force close on ICS rom fixed
  • Call log time corrected
  • Turkish language added, thank Özgürce
  • Add option to switch Relative/Absolute call log time
  • Add option to merge items in dialer for contact who has multi-numbers
  • Auto backup/restore preferences into/from sdcard(actually implemented in v36, for guys who frequently flush roms)
  • Set as persistent

v36 2011/11/27

  • Translations updated

v35 2011/11/25

  • Display options added. Show/Hide contacts by source accounts
  • Persian T9 added
  • Display custom label in view contact
  • Quick switch to Favorites by hold contact button
  • Rearrange preferences. ‘Tap on item’ option is separated.

v32 2011/11/23

  • Fixed Korean keyboard display problem. Restore voicemail icon. Keyboard now can be flinged to hide. Single back press to exit.

v31 2011/11/22

  • Fixed UI bug when display photo unchecked
  • Georgian language added, thank giorgi-alonso

v30 2011/11/22

  • Add option to color calls (default unchecked)
  • Add option to switch whether display basic T9 letters
  • Dialpad keys replaced by text, instead of images
  • Order of names corrected and T9 search problem fixed, when “sort by last name” checked
  • Enter contacts search when search button pressed
  • Greek accents problem fixed
  • Arabic T9 keyboard layout added(may not work), sidebar in contacts activity is still missing
  • Replace launcher icons with stock MiUI icons
  • More UI language

Slovene, thank gepardus

Persian, thank Alireza Afkar

Bulgarian, thank Стоян Иванов

Italian, thank stegg

v29 2011/11/19

  • Contact item swipe, just like TouchWiz. (If there’s something wrong with this function, disable it in preferences page)
  • Custom contact ring tone, even group ring tone
  • Hebrew T9/UI language added, thank 0ftal.
  • Czech language coding error fixed

v28 2011/11/11

  • No significant change. Only fix the FC error when choose exDialer in intent chooser.

v27 2011/11/10

  • More accurate last name judgement
  • Use call log count to evaluate frequentness, to set around TIMES_CONTACTED bug of some roms
  • Correct intent filters, to have chance to handle intents from other apps
  • Touch feedback when finger down
  • Font color in number selector fixed
  • French language added, thank scrpn30
  • Danish language added, thank Neo3000x
  • Czech language added, thank crking

v25 2011/11/9

  • Dark theme added
  • Dialer start up speed optimized
  • Some FC cases fixed
  • German language added, thank TweetyPeety
  • Translations updated

v23 2011/11/7

  • Russian language added, thank Илья Яковлев
  • Special codes handler added, IMEI and secret codes
  • Sort by last name feature improved
  • Entries for unknown contact added on dialer activity, new contact/attach to exist contact/send sms.
  • Russian phone number mismatch bug fixed
  • Some translations updated

v22 2011/11/6

  • Clear missed call notification on dialer startup. OS version above 2.3 requires NotiGo installed. Thank thinkpanda team.
  • options for filter results sorting added, match level or frequentness
  • Sorting by last name supported
  • More details in number choosing menu, labels added, and a checkbox for default number setting added
  • Set/unset default number/email supported
  • More UI languages:

Chinese Traditional translation, thank Kayusumi

Portuguese, thank Filipe Garcia

Spanish, thank hopler

  • Small changes on UI and some bugs fixed

v21 2011/11/4

  • Greek T9 with Greek UI added. Thank dancer_69
  • T9 language option added
  • Call direction icon added